The Seattle Round

The Seattle Round

Last night, I was given the chance to perform at The Fremont Abbey of The Arts in Seattle, for the 94th Seattle Round. The space is an excellent, old chapel style structure with great acoustics. The vibe was warm, inviting, and anticipatory. Nathan Marion invited me to share spoken word poetry alongside musical guests The Maldives, Erin Rae, and Star Anna, as well as a painter named Savy.

He encouraged us to collaborate, improvise, and accompany each other–to embrace the occasion and create an experience that could not be done otherwise. I told him that I typically perform solo, and that my poetry varies in time-sequence and form–I have a conversation with the audience. He still encouraged me to collaborate.

I didn’t realize it ahead of time, but I had met and performed with Erin in Nashville, Tennessee on tour last Summer. She opened the night up with gentle, beautiful guitar and vocals.

Next, The Maldives came into play. Only two months ago, I went to Bellingham, WA to perform. While there, I attended my friend Sara’s show, where she happened to be opening up for The Maldives. I didn’t know we would perform together soon after. Last night, they bantered with the crowd and played excellent guitar, accordion, and vocal songs. I really enjoyed their performance.

Third, Star Anna played her soul out on her guitar and microphone.

And finally, I came in with a poem. We did this rotation five times. On the final round, rather than close with a comedic poem solo, I invited the Maldives to play again the music of their final song that shared the feel of “Not Yours, Truly,” a serious poem I tell from the perspective of a giraffe. It went beautifully, wonderfully–memorable. It happened. We shared in an experience that was unique and special to that space and that night.

When all was said and done, I was fed, compensated, supported, encouraged, and moved. I was sober and high off of the experience for hours into the night.

I am grateful.

A photographer and cinematographer named Eratosthenes Fackenthall shot the entire night. If and when video becomes available, I will post it for you. :-)

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