A lot is happening in Potter Land, with the birth of Therrien. Sleepless nights and shared moments of wonder are doing their work to temper and true–like a good bicycle wheel in use. Excited about poems and eager to publish new work soon. Right now, most efforts are focused locally in Ann Arbor, with occasional trips per invitation. Please keep them coming!

The most recent album Context!
is available at Bandcamp site.  (http://garretpotter.bandcamp.com)

HIDE AND SEEK: A Poet’s Memoir (My debut full-length book) is all sold out…for the second time!  Thank you for making that happen! A third edition is in the works!

Here, at the website, you are invited to share support, contact Garret, buy a new handmade book, read, listen, watch, check for updates, and enjoy!

and thanks for visiting!