Feeling love from strangers made friends

Feeling love from strangers made friends

I feel loved.
A stranger told me the most amazing compliment.  Now he is a friend.

A stranger made me dinner.  Now he is a friend.  Now, I know his name, as I love to make friends, even in a chat online, so you will find out that every friend matters.

A stranger called me white Jesus in his comedy routine.  We exchanged the shaking of hands.  Now, I know his name.

A stranger  told me he wants me around every week, that my poetry is money, that he would pay to transport me back.  I respect him.  I am honored.  I feel loved.

I am well fed, clothed, cleansed, and sheltered.  Not sheltered, imprisoned, incarcerated, enslaved–free.  Forgiven.  Opportuned.  Loved.

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