$1 + I welcome you to donate any amount in encouragement and support of my work.

$14 + I will sign and give you a copy of my newest book at the show.

$17 + I will sign and send you (within the contiguous United States) a copy of my newest book.

$50 + I will write a poem, essay, story, or article for you (basic free-written first draft up to 500 words).

$75 + I will help you edit your writing (after eleven pages, add seven dollars per page).

$250  + I will write a poem, essay, story, or article for you including research, writing, and editing.

$150 + I will perform live at your house or favorite local venue (near my tour route – you host) for you and your guests.

$500 +  I will teach a spoken word poetry workshop and perform in your school, business, or non-profit organization.

$1000 + I will lecture or lead a writing workshop and perform for your College or University.

I am excited to share with people everywhere and anywhere.  I especially enjoy visiting smaller towns and schools. Many places require me to drive, fly, or take a train.  Consider and discuss (garretpotter@yahoo.com) travel options when inviting me to your town.  I look forward to creating and sharing new moments with you.